About Us


Dr. Trehans’ Home Health care is an integral part of the post hospitalization recovery process especially during the initial days when the patient requires physical assistance, injectable treatment, physiotherapy services, wound management and doctor visit. It is possible for your patient to remain in the home rather than residential, long term or institution based nursing care. We deliver the service in your house.


At times there is a patient in the house who requires continuous medical supervision. Dr.Trehans’ Home Health Care will customize the treatment with a combination of attendant, nursing and doctor’s services.

If someone in your family requires injections then why go to the hospital or the nursing home when this service can be provided by Dr.Trehans’ Home Health Care in your house.

Post-surgical wounds dressings and other dressings should be done by sterilized hands and by persons trained in that. Our team will bring sterilized and disposable dressing material and provide this service in your house. So why go to the hospital?

For days together some family member requires physiotherapy services. Taking them to the hospital exposes them to various infections. Why follow this path when we can provide you physiotherapy services in your own bed and watching your favorite television show.

Someone in your house is sick and requires doctor consultation. We provide you this service at your own schedule without disturbing your routine.

Why should you go to the pharmacy when the medicines can be delivered at your house by our registered chemists?

Giving a blood sample in the house and getting reports is certainly a better option. DrTrehans’Home Health Care has a working relationship with the leading labs of the region.

To get all these services you have two plans to choose from- Hospital care health plan or Home care Health Plan.

Hospital Care Health Plan is rigid, expensive, cumbersome and in an environment which is always the last option. Itdisturbs the routine of all the caregivers.

Home Care Health Plan provides flexibility, cost effectiveness; speedy recovery and it will also make the life of the patient and the relatives easier without disturbing the routine of the caregivers in the house.